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DJ Slick305 was born Joshua Sims on January 24th, 1988 in Miami Florida. As a child, Slick was raised in a musical family and was accustomed to hearing music of all genres, but he soon noticed that he was most fascinated by the way DJ’s could blend it all together. This fascination inspired him to learn how to mix records and eventually became a hobby for him. However, by the time Slick was 17 years old he realized that the hobby was actually his passion and like his favorites – DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ AM, DJ LS One, and DJ Entice – he too wanted to be a professional DJ. He began playing at family events and local house parties to gain experience and ended up building a buzz for himself in the process. This buzz followed him when he ventured out to South Beach, the musical hub of Miami, in the summer of 2007 looking for his first big break. A fellow DJ invited Slick to hear him play at Club Voodoo. However, on the night Slick came out the DJ didn’t show up. When the promoter realized who Slick was he told him to take the missing DJ’s place. The house was packed and Slick had never played for such a big crowd before, but he accepted the challenge and did not disappoint. He impressed the promoter and the party-goers with his unique and slick way of blending a variety of different records. Though the set was short, he received raved reviews, and just like that, DJ Slick305 was officially on his way.

By 2008, Slick had established a name for himself by playing at the popular South Beach clubs Living Room, Sobe Live, Club Bed, and Mansion. He’d also started a MySpace page where he uploaded mixes for his fans to hear. A DJ by the name of Tory came across his profile, liked what he heard, and invited him to join the Miami based Slip N Slide DJ’s. The position allowed Slick to get more exposure and put him in contact with Maybach Music’s artist, Gunplay, who eventually asked him to become his official DJ. Slick accepted, left Slip N Slide, and joined the Street Connect DJ’s – circuit of popular DJ’s in Miami that were infamous for breaking records. Things were happening very quickly for Slick but he was dedicated to doing whatever it took to advance his career.

In the winter of 2009, Slick became a father to a baby girl. Though life was good for him in Miami, he couldn’t help but want a different life for his child. Aside from Miami, Slick had family and friends in Toronto and figured it would be the perfect place to raise his daughter and continue to chase his dreams. He touched down in the city later on that winter and wasted no time linking up with two of Canada’s top DJ’s, Starting From Scratch, and his good friend, P-Plus. Slick was impressed by their styles and wanted to learn as much as possible. P-Plus quickly became a mentor to the young DJ, bringing him to all the parties he played at making sure he networked with the right people. The seasoned P-Plus advised Slick on how to perfect his craft and make a name for himself in the city. Slick listened and it paid off when he landed his first gigs at the popular Toronto clubs Wet Bar and Mansion. Slick was ecstatic but his happiness was short lived. A phone call from his family in Miami not only put a halt on his plans but also forced him to abruptly drop everything and return home.

The move back to Miami was a painful setback for Slick but he was determined to make the best of it. Within two months of returning, he was connected to T-Pain’s DJ, Lil Boy. DJ Lil Boy had seen one of his Ustream videos and was soblown away by his talent that he offered Slick the opportunity to be a Nappy Boy DJ, which Slick gratefully accepted. Shortly after this, he was approached by Nick Chiko and Cass of P2D Management. The duo were also captivated by Slick and offered him a spot on their roster which was also home to DJ Khaled’s infamous producers, The Renegades. Astounded, Slick accepted knowing that this was exactly what he had worked for. What had been a setback for him at first ended up being exactly what he needed to take his career to the next level. DJ Slick305 is now currently working as the official President and DJ to T-Pain Nappy Boy DJ’S and official DJ to IllumiNappy artist, Vantrease. In the spirit of continuing to grow his brand, he’s also gearing up for tours with the IllumiNappy camp and others.

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