DJ Phresko

DJ Phresko
Artist Name
DJ Phresko
Born Date
June 27, 1987
Birth Place
Miami, Fl
Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, House, Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, Kompa & EDM
Year activate
Dade Affiliates
Operations Manager

DJ Phresko  Biography

DJ Phresko Ca$h Baby, better known by, DJ Phresko started his path to becoming a dj in 2007. With connections with various DJ groups he decided to become a dj. In 2006, he attended college at Tallahassee Community College. Living in Tallahassee he saw a need for the sound of a dj from Miami. “The local music was pretty cool but there’s nothing like that Miami sound. A lot of dj’s wanted to play the “jook” and other “gangsta rap Miami music” of the time but really didn’t have access to it. When I first came up there they only played the mainstream Miami music and that’s not what we listen to most preferably.” He was part of the founding of Fire Lion Ent. DJ Phresko was the main DJ of Fire Lion Ent and began doing house parties for college students. The question of “When are you guys having your next event?” was asked hundreds of times. The house parties became block parties. In the background of the Tallahassee music scene he began to make connections with artists doing their thing at that time. Due to legal issues he moved back to his home town of North Miami. He joined some of his longtime friends who were DJ’ing and joined Hit’Em Up Dj’s in 2009. He has done multiple clubs, house parties, block parties, wedding receptions, pep rallies, school dances and community events. Making more connections in the music industry he has Dj’ed at various clubs in South Florida. In 2013 he joins Dade Affiliates. He dropped his first mixtape in 2012 and is now up to 3 with plans on continuing. He becomes part of Stamped N Da Streetz DJs mid-2014. While DJ’ing with them, they created SNDS Online Radio. He is the resident DJ for “Tha Spot,” which airs Mon-Fri from 1-3 PM. While doing the radio he became resident DJ at a Hookah Bar on South Beach. There he learned to adapt to different cultures and music. This is where he picks up other styles, such as pop, house, EDM and latin flavors. Currently working at Foxxy Lady Cabaret Mon & Tues night. His motto is “The sky is the beginning!!!” and will accept all challenges with a smile.

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